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DA to focus on livestock, other sectors least affected by El Niño, typhoons

Wed, 01/27/2016 - 16:17
by Emerson Deñado.  

http://www.da.gov.ph  26 January 2016

The Department of Agriculture said today to counter the negative effects of El Niño and the turbulent typhoons like the ones that wreaked havoc in the country, it will give more attention to livestock and poultry production since these are the least affected by inclement weather.

Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala said, livestock production during the fourth quarter expanded by 3.72 percent. It contributed 17.07 percent to total agricultural output.

“All components of the subsector recorded increases during the last quarter, when the other subsectors’ production dipped, that is why we will focus on this and other sectors that are not as prone to the effects of inclement weather,” Alcala said.

Hog, the major contributor to the subsector’s production, recorded a 4.21 percent growth in output.

At current prices, the subsector’s gross value of output amounted to P72.1 billion which was 1.54 percent higher than last year’s fourth quarter record.

From January to December 2015, production in the subsector increased by 3.83 percent.

Production in the poultry subsector went up by 4.17 percent in the fourth quarter. It shared 14.72 percent in the total agricultural production.

Except for duck, all components of the subsector posted output increases. Chicken production which expanded by 3.58 percent boosted the subsector’s growth.

Gross value of output amounted to P53.4 billion at current prices, representing an increase of 2.98 percent from last year’s record. For 2015, the subsector’s output expanded by 5.74 percent.

“Agriculture posted a 0.96 percent contraction in output in the fourth quarter of 2015. The sector’s performance was negatively affected by the long dry spell and damages caused by Typhoon Lando. In particular, the crops and fisheries subsectors recorded lower production for the quarter,” the Secretary said.

He added, at current prices, gross value of production amounted to P448.0 billion or 6.64 percent lower than last year’s level. On an annual basis, agricultural production grew by 0.11 percent.

The crops subsector, which accounted for 51.83 percent of the total agricultural production during the quarter, recorded a 2.69 percent decline in output.

Palay and corn farms which suffered the most from the long dry spell and Typhoon “Lando” declined by 3.78 percent and 6.04 percent, respectively.

However, gains in production, were noted in coconut, banana, pineapple, coffee, tobacco, abaca, peanut, mongo, cassava and calamansi. The subsector grossed P259.7 billion at current prices, down by 11.05 percent from last year’s record. For the whole year of 2015, production in crops subsector dropped by 1.95 percent.

The fishery subsector’s production dipped by 4.28 percent in the last quarter of 2015. It contributed 16.38 percent to the total agricultural output.

Tilapia and seaweed production went up by 4.47 percent and 2.45 percent, respectively, but production declines were noted to the rest of fisheries products.

The subsector grossed P62.8 billion at current prices, or a decline of 3.45 percent from the previous year’s record. For the period January to December 2015, the subsector recorded a 1.96 percent drop in production.

Farmgate prices went down by an average of 5.74 percent during the reference quarter. The crops, livestock and poultry subsectors recorded price declines from last year’s price quotations.

On the average, prices in the fisheries subsector increased. On an annual basis, farmgate prices in 2015 went down by an average of 4.78 percent. (Ian Go, DA-OSEC)

Reference: USec. Emerson Palad

Undersecretary for Operations & Marketing


New organic fertilizers proven effective in rice and vegetables

Thu, 01/14/2016 - 15:28
by Ladylyn R. Jose.  

www.mb.com.ph: December 30, 2015
A new line of four organic-based fertilizers have been proven effective in increasing yields of rice, corn and vegetables by farmers in Cagayan Valley and Nueva Ecija.
This was reported by UNAHCO Agronomy (Unahgro), a new business unit under the wings of Univet Nutrition and Animal Healthcare Company (UNAHCO) headed by president and COO Ricardo C. Alba. The new unit has been organized to handle its agricultural product lines.
Rebecco Remorque, head of Unahgro, said the new unit is now looking to expand to the rest of Luzon after their successful foray in Cagayan Valley and Nueva Ecija, both major rice and corn producing areas where many farmers have switched to the company’s organic-based liquid fertilizers.
The fertilizers, he added, did not only increase the yields of the crops, they also lessened the cost of production. Moreover, he  continued, the new fertilizers are also more environment-friendly than the conventional chemical fertilizers.
The four organic-based fertilizers are under the brand names of Soil Set, Agro Mos, Grain Set and Crop Set. All are listed in the OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) of the United States for use in organic crop production. Together, they address all crop needs from soil preparation to crop protection and growth enhancement up to the time of harvest.
The products are all developed by Kentucky-based Alltech Crop Science, a leading agronomic solution provider whose state-of-the-art production facilities are supported by an ultra-modern fermentation system, a research farm, a world renowned development laboratory and the world’s largest fermentation facility in Brazil.
Soil Set is used during soil preparation before planting or after harvest to revitalize the soil by activating the soil microflora. It improves mineral availability for plant nutrition and contains specific bacterial metabolites like natural enzymes that aid in plant development and improved growth by promoting healthier root systems.
Agro Mos, on the other hand, provides essential nutrients to fight environmental stresses affecting crops. It optimizes crop quality and improves yield by providing nutrients utilized in plant metabolic processes and reduces disease susceptibility through proper nutrition, and can even be used to revive plants that have been stricken by diseases.
Crop Set, for its part, is ideal for fruits and vegetables. It is a micronutrient fertilizer that supplies sulfur, copper, iron and manganese to the growing crop with a special formulation of high performance nutrients and fermentation technology that enhances the plant’s ability to utilize nutrients to optimize yields and improve crop color, quality and uniformity.
Grain Set, meanwhile, is a liquid source of sulfur, manganese and zinc specially formulated for cereal and grain production like rice and corn. It optimizes nutrient uptake, thereby increasing yields, nutritional value and overall crop quality.

Source: http://www.mb.com.ph/new-organic-fertilizers-proven-effective-in-rice-and-vegetables/