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The e-Learning for Agriculture and Fisheries is a major component of the Philippine's Department of Agriculture's e-Extension Program, with the Agricultural Training Institute as the lead implementing agency, in collaboration with other government agencies, state universities and colleges and nongovernment organizations.

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    e-Learning courses = MOOC

    Be counted. Take the survey to help us understand how skills gained through open online courses affect employment and career aspirations.

    As e-learners you are also MOOC users.  Here is a great opportunity to share your opinion about massive open online courses, MOOCs or the e-learning courses.  This survey is part of the Advancing MOOCs for Development Initiative being implemented by International Research and Exchange Board in Washington, D.C., with the USAID and the Technology and Social Change group at the University of Washington Information School.

  • From planting to harvesting, let's learn the latest technologies on various crops grown in the country.

    Learn and profit from efficiently rearing farm animals.
    Let's raise and harvest aquatic plants and animals. Learn the various technologies in fisheries.
    Lead. Initiate. Mobilize.
Learn concepts, and strategies to build your capabilities along agricultural extension.
    Let’s study how to produce safe and health food, while taking care of the environment and the natural resources.
    More courses on various production technologies that you can include in your farm

Site News and Announcements

ms. pamela
To Our e-Learners, Let Your Voice Be Heard!
by Pam Mappala - Tuesday, 13 October 2015, 01:19 PM

The University of Washington is currently conducting a research on Massive Open Online Courses (‪‎MOOC‬), covering different parts of the world with diverse backgrounds and interests. Targeting respondents aged 18 to 35, the research aims to understand how skills gained through open online courses affect employment and career aspirations.

Our ‪‎e-learning‬ under the Philippine e-Extension Program for ‪‎Agriculture and Fisheries gets part of the world survey‬ and so, we are encouraging you, our e-learners‬, to participate and let your voice be heard. Just click on the link provided above to guide you on the survey.

Thank you very much for all your support and happy e-learning!

Picture of Yovina-Claire Pauig
2nd Course on Pineapple: Producing one of the Country’s Sweetest Varieties
by Yovina-Claire Pauig - Monday, 12 October 2015, 02:38 PM
Pineapple2Famous for its anti-oxidant properties, pineapple is also an excellent source of vitamin C and Manganese.  It is commonly incorporated in weight-loss diet programs because of its high fiber content that facilitates digestions, detoxification and cleansing effects.

Learn to grow and propagate one of the country’s sweetest varieties by enrolling in our e-Learning course on Queen Pineapple Production and Postharvest Technology (Pineapple2).   With some introduction to pineapple growing, this course comprehensively discusses the production practices, pests and disease management, and harvesting and postharvest know-hows of Queen Pineapple.

Picture of Yovina-Claire Pauig
Course on Integrated Rice-Duck Farming, Now Online
by Yovina-Claire Pauig - Monday, 12 October 2015, 02:31 PM
IRDFS1Did you know that you can enhance the growth of your rice plant by incorporating ducks in the field?  Not only that, you could also improve weeds and pests control through this technology.  Most importantly, rice-duck integrated farming system minimizes the cost of production and give additional income through the sale of organic rice and duck meat.
ms. pamela
Courseware Developer Baltazar, Now a Member of the PeLS Board of Trustees
by Pam Mappala - Friday, 9 October 2015, 02:17 PM
Courseware developer Dennis Boyd R. BaltazarMAKATI CITY, Philippines -- Courseware developer Dennis Boyd R. Baltazar from the Agricultural Training Institute - Regional Training Center (ATI-RTC) in Eastern Visayas is now serving as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Philippine e-Learning Society (PeLS). The election was held during the 2nd International Congress on e-Learning held last September 18, 2015.

Baltazar is one of the internationally certified for Knowledge Management (KM) since 2013 among the ATI's KM Team and a co-author of the e-learning courses on abaca production and jackfruit production offered by the Philippine Department of Agriculture through the e-Extension Program for Agriculture and Fisheries. 

Founded on July 30, 2003, PeLS has been promoting the appropriate use of technology for e-Learning, guided by research and development activities. For 12 years now, the Society has been collaborating with different academic and government institutions and is cooperating with international e-learning groups for two years now. 
Picture of Yovina-Claire Pauig
Our Very Own e-Extension Lady earns her Master’s Degree in Development Management
by Yovina-Claire Pauig - Friday, 9 October 2015, 11:10 AM
Pamela Mappala with fellow PMDP GraduatesPamela Mappala, Assistant Division Chief of the Agricultural Training Institute – Information Services Division (ATI-ISD) and at the same time the e-learning administrator of the e-Extension Program for Agriculture and Fisheries successfully earned her Master’s Degree in Development Management with her re-entry project on “Knowledge-based Module Development for the ATI’s Training Services” last July 17, 2015 at the Development Academy of the Philippines’s Conference Center (DAPCC) in Tagaytay City.

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Picture of Leonora  F. BaoingPero hindi po maprint ung certificate sa IRDFS kasi nakalagay na required score ay 60.00 (please pakicheck po kasi ang score ko ay 17.00 out of 22.00. thank you
Leonora F. Baoing 27 Nov 05:26 PM
Picture of Leonora  F. BaoingHello Sir/Madam
Natapos ko na po ung Modules 1

Leonora F. Baoing 27 Nov 05:16 PM
Picture of JEFFREY AQUINOSir maam, need a enrollment key of taste the creamest cream dory online course on pangasius culture salamat po..
Picture of JEFFREY AQUINOSir ma'am anu po pla enroll key itong main courses for the online course on mechanized rice transplanting technology..salamt po
Picture of JEFFREY AQUINOSir anu pong key itong organic fertilizer for sustainable agriculture..
San Juan, CaviteDevine, meron po tayong apat na kurso para sa Goat. Pumili lamang po ng isa. Salamat!
Emerson Ronsairo Deñado 27 Nov 04:29 PM
San Juan, CaviteRoentgen, pakicheck na lang ng mailbox mo for your enrollment key. Salamat!
Emerson Ronsairo Deñado 27 Nov 04:28 PM
San Juan, CaviteErmar, pakibasa na lang yung instruction sa email ko sayo. Hindi mo pa rin natatapos ang kurso mo sa Jackfruit1. Salamat!
Emerson Ronsairo Deñado 27 Nov 04:26 PM
Picture of Devine Meleciogood afternoon sir.. pwede po bang humingi ng enrollment key para sa Buil Assets Through goats.
thank you po

Devine Melecio 27 Nov 03:23 PM
Picture of Roentgen Potes Suniocan i have the key for corn1.. thank you
Roentgen Potes Sunio 27 Nov 03:13 PM
Picture of ERMAR G. ENECITOsr.pwedi mag hingi ng enrollment key for pangasius1
ERMAR G. ENECITO 27 Nov 02:45 PM
San Juan, CaviteMary, pakicheck na lang ng mailbox mo for your enrollment key. Salamat!
Emerson Ronsairo Deñado 27 Nov 02:12 PM
San Juan, CaviteJasmin, pakicheck na lang ng mailbox mo for your enrollment key. Salamat!
Emerson Ronsairo Deñado 27 Nov 02:11 PM
Picture of Mary Joyce Ramosgood afternoon ma'am/sir,may i ask for the enrollment key of seed to seed;corn production?thank u

Mary Joyce Ramos 27 Nov 02:04 PM
Picture of Jasmin ValdezSir, napili ko po yung Establishing resources for your goats.
Jasmin Valdez 27 Nov 01:51 PM
San Juan, CaviteVirgie, pakicheck na lang ng mailbox mo for your enrollment key. Salamat!
Emerson Ronsairo Deñado 27 Nov 01:45 PM
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