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The e-Learning for Agriculture and Fisheries is a major component of the Philippine's Department of Agriculture's e-Extension Program, with the Agricultural Training Institute as the lead implementing agency, in collaboration with other government agencies, state universities and colleges and nongovernment organizations.

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  • From planting to harvesting, let's learn the latest technologies on various crops grown in the country.

    Learn and profit from efficiently rearing farm animals.
    Let's raise and harvest aquatic plants and animals. Learn the various technologies in fisheries.
    Lead. Initiate. Mobilize. Learn concepts, and strategies to build your capabilities along agricultural extension.
    Let’s study how to produce safe and health food, while taking care of the environment and the natural resources.
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not alone
New Cassava Courses are Now Available
by Emerson Deñado - Friday, 29 November 2019, 06:53 PM
cassava teaser
Two new courses have been developed and ready for e-learners!

CASSAVAy SA PAG-ASENSO: THE ROOTS OF PRODUCTIVITY (CASSAVA1) will provide you the cultural management practices of cassava from land preparation up to harvesting. Also, it comes with a cost and returns analysis in establishing a one-hectare cassava plantation.

CASSAVAy sa PAG-ASENSO: Primary Processing and its Market (CASSAVA2) will provide you the primary processing of cassava before it can be sold to feed millers. Also, it comes with a cost and returns analysis in establishing a one-hectare cassava plantation.

These courses were brought to you by ATI at Eastern Visayas.
Picture of Angelica Marie Umali
New FCC hotline
by Angelica Marie Umali - Thursday, 3 October 2019, 09:29 AM
New FCC hotline#ATIADVISORY Effective October 7, 2019, the Agricultural Training Institute will be operating new contact numbers in compliance with the National Telecommunications Commission memorandum order (10-10-2017). Please be guided accordingly. #ishareknowledge #atiinspire
Picture of Yovina-Claire Pauig
by Yovina-Claire Pauig - Tuesday, 10 September 2019, 10:12 AM
Technotip: BambooBamboo, once known as the poor man’s lumber, is considered today by many enthusiasts as the “green gold.” It serves as material for construction, handicraft and furniture-making, fish pen, and other agricultural and industrial uses. Bamboo yards can be found in the provinces as market outlet.
Picture of Yovina-Claire Pauig
by Yovina-Claire Pauig - Wednesday, 14 August 2019, 01:40 PM
TECHNOTUPS: NPKProper nutrient management helps improve crop growth and yield. Oversupply of nutrients from fertilizers may result to crop's increased susceptibility to pests and diseases, and lodging. On the other hand, undersupply of it may result to slow growth of seedlings, low number of tillers, and low grain weight.

(by: Ashlee Canilang, ATI-ISD)
Picture of Yovina-Claire Pauig
#TECHNOTIPS: Cauliflower
by Yovina-Claire Pauig - Wednesday, 14 August 2019, 01:30 PM
TECHNOTIPS: CauliflowerCauliflower contains Vitamin C which helps our body's collagen production, and Vitamin K that may help prevent bone loss. It also contains Indole-3-carbinol, a phytonutrient that has anti-inflammatory properties and aids the liver in its detox functions. Cauliflower also boosts the high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol levels in our body, and helps lower blood pressure. At only 25 calories per cup, it is considered as a low-carb alternative to grains; ideal for weight loss.

(by: Ashlee Canilang, ATI-ISD)

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Picture of jomarie agadpahingi ng enrollment key sa (PTTC-FOOD1) ty
jomarie agad 09 Dec 02:04 AM
Picture of Catherine Luces GilaPahinge naman po ng enrolment key para sa Pangasius culture .thanks po
Catherine Luces Gila 09 Dec 01:53 AM
Picture of Erika Mae AllejosPwede pong pahingi ng code ng goat 1 to 7 po. Need lang po
Erika Mae Allejos 09 Dec 01:27 AM
Picture of Nida P. CurayGood day po. Pa.request po ng e-key sa Goat 4. Thank you poh.
Nida P. Curay 09 Dec 01:19 AM
Picture of Romel Ivan GondaGood morning po pahingi po ng e key sa walang aray sa A. I. salamat po
Romel Ivan Gonda 09 Dec 12:51 AM
Picture of Raffy  Repollo Culpamay I request the enrollment key for Climate change 101?

Raffy Repollo Culpa 09 Dec 12:31 AM
Picture of Rhyzell Ann Opaogoodmorning po pahingi po ako ng code sa goat 1
Rhyzell Ann Opao 09 Dec 12:26 AM
Picture of Rhyzell Ann Opaogoodmorning po pahingi po ako ng code sa goat 1
Rhyzell Ann Opao 09 Dec 12:25 AM
Picture of Juwe Boligorhello po Ma'am/sir,request po ako e-key about Queen Pineapple Production and Postharvest Technology.
Juwe Boligor 08 Dec 04:09 PM
Picture of jordan umalisan po makikita yung certificate?

jordan umali 08 Dec 11:29 AM
Picture of Gedelyn de Leonpwede pong humingi ng e key ng Goat 7 -9 po ...salamat po
Gedelyn de Leon 08 Dec 08:49 AM
Picture of Gedelyn de Leonpwede pong humingi ng e key ng Goat 7 -9 po ...salamat po
Gedelyn de Leon 08 Dec 08:49 AM
Picture of Gedelyn de LeonPwede po humingi ng e-key sa goat 7 po
Gedelyn de Leon 08 Dec 08:48 AM
Picture of Renz Joshua Goc-ongPahingi po e-key ng orchid production , maraming salamat po.
Renz Joshua Goc-ong 08 Dec 08:03 AM
Picture of Jenny Hersamio Hai po . Pahingi PO Ng e_key Ng orchid production. Slamat PO.
Jenny Hersamio 08 Dec 07:34 AM
Picture of Jenny Hersamio Hello po. Pahingi PO Ng endrollment key Ng integrated pest Management for banana.salamat po.
Jenny Hersamio 08 Dec 07:32 AM
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