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The e-Learning for Agriculture and Fisheries is a major component of the Philippine's Department of Agriculture's e-Extension Program, with the Agricultural Training Institute as the lead implementing agency, in collaboration with other government agencies, state universities and colleges and nongovernment organizations.

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  • From planting to harvesting, let's learn the latest technologies on various crops grown in the country.

    Learn and profit from efficiently rearing farm animals.
    Let's raise and harvest aquatic plants and animals. Learn the various technologies in fisheries.
    Lead. Initiate. Mobilize. Learn concepts, and strategies to build your capabilities along agricultural extension.
    Let’s study how to produce safe and health food, while taking care of the environment and the natural resources.
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Site News and Announcements

Picture of Catheryn Villorente
DFP 101 Course Promotion
by Catheryn Villorente - Wednesday, 16 June 2021, 10:47 AM
DFP101 course promoLevel up your farming skills!

Learn about digital solutions that expand opportunities in agriculture. The extensive DFP 101 Online Learning Course includes LinkedIn-style microlearning videos based on the beginner course of DFP, an initiative that teaches small-scale farmers to use digital tools and maximize the latest mobile technologies.
Picture of Catheryn Villorente
#TECHNOTIPS: Food Safety
by Catheryn Villorente - Wednesday, 9 June 2021, 10:59 AM
food safetyIn this time of pandemic where health is most important, take a few seconds for food safety. Save yourself from hours of stomach ache, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea with just a few quick and easy steps.

Lather up, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before eating and handling food.
Picture of Catheryn Villorente
#TECHNOTIPS: Food Hazards
by Catheryn Villorente - Tuesday, 8 June 2021, 06:50 AM
food hazardsFrom harvesting, transporting, processing, preparing, and even while serving, hazards may be introduced into the food any time. These hazards may be physical, chemical, or biological.
Physical hazards are any foreign matter in food which may cause illness or injury like glass, metal, stones, etc. as a result of accidental contamination or poor food handling practices.
Chemical hazards are contaminants or naturally occurring substances in food that can cause harm when present over the recommended level. This may include toxic metals from containers or intentionally added chemicals like food coloring and preservatives.
Biological hazards include microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Given the right conditions, some of these pathogens produce toxins while others can cause diseases. (Source:
Like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@atiinteractive) for tips on food hygiene.

(By: Ashlee Canilang, ATI-ISD)
Picture of Catheryn Villorente
#TECHNOTIPS: Crop Rotation
by Catheryn Villorente - Thursday, 3 June 2021, 10:32 AM
Crop rotation Crop rotation is the cultivation of different crops on a piece of land over time. The succession of crops to be grown is carefully designed to ensure that soil nutrients are sustained, pest populations are controlled, weeds are suppressed, and soil health is built.

The central idea is to have the crops themselves sustain soil health, instead of planting the same crop throughout the year and then repairing soil health through fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. A well-designed crop rotation makes land more productive and more environmentally sustainable. It improves the financial viability of a farm by increasing productivity while reducing chemical input costs.

The key advantages of crop rotation are:
• Improved soil fertility and structure
• Disease control
• Pest control
• Weed control
• Increased soil organic matter
• Erosion control
• Improved biodiversity
• Increased yield
• Reduced commercial risk

Like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@atiinteractive) for more tips on agriculture and the environment.

(By: Jenny Rose Gabao, ATI-ISD)
Picture of Catheryn Villorente
#TECHNOTIPS: Soil Conservation
by Catheryn Villorente - Tuesday, 1 June 2021, 03:32 PM
soil conservationSoil conservation greatly contributes to environmental sustainability. It is a key concern among farmers not only in terms of conserving and valuing our soil, but more importantly in being able to keep it productive in the future as well. Different farming methods of soil conversation help mitigate erosion, keep fertility, avoid degradation, and minimize nature pollution due to chemicals for weed and pest control.

Although effects of soil conversation cannot be seen instantly, taking proper and timely actions today will boost the performance of fields for the years to come. Some practices that can be considered include conservation tillage, contour farming, strip cropping, crop rotation, and planting of windbreak vegetation and cover crops among others. Moreover, farmers may switch to alternative ways to control weed and pest infestations instead of chemical application.

As the demand for land to provide food, animal feeds, and fiber for clothing increases, practicing soil conservation and management will help address issues on resource security and sustainability. (Earth Observing System)

For more tips on agriculture and the environment, like and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@atiinteractive).

(By: Angelica Marie Umali, ATI-ISD

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John Byron Coligado 22 Jun 03:07 PM
Picture of Bill Bueñacan i have an ekey for Jackfruit Production (JACKFRUIT1.2) ?
Bill Bueña 22 Jun 01:48 PM
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Emerson Deñado 22 Jun 11:54 AM
Picture of Kayecelyn OlleroPenge po key ng starting a slaughter goat enterprise
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Cherry Mae Biando 22 Jun 11:38 AM
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Thank you and God Bless.

Charbe Lyn Dumanlag 22 Jun 10:49 AM
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Angeli Sarona 22 Jun 09:50 AM
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Centennia Joy Miranda 22 Jun 09:03 AM
Picture of Dominic PagadorEnrollment key rather
Dominic Pagador 22 Jun 08:48 AM
Picture of Dominic PagadorGood day, Dominic E. Pagador asking enrollment form for production costing made easy. Pls
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