#TECHNOTIPS: Organic Agriculture
by Yovina-Claire Pauig - Thursday, 14 March 2019, 02:59 PM
TECHNOTIPS: Organic AgricultureThere is an increasing support and demand for organic food produce in the Philippines. Rising health and environmental concerns are changing our agricultural landscape, and this change is being felt especially by rice farmers as organic rice is becoming popular in the market.

Organic agriculture is a farming practice that uses less to zero synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, and is usually aimed at biodiversity protection and improved health of farmers and consumers. In the 2016 data of the National Organic Agriculture Program, at least 5% of the country's total agricultural land is being utilized in organic farming.

(by: Ashlee Canilang, ATI-ISD)
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Re: #TECHNOTIPS: Organic Agriculture
by Jasper Viray - Friday, 29 May 2020, 02:17 AM
good day maam.. i would like to enroll this course, can i have the access key? thanks a lot
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Re: #TECHNOTIPS: Organic Agriculture
by Catheryn Villorente - Friday, 29 May 2020, 12:40 PM
Hi Jasper! Please check your mailbox for our reply on your query. Thank you!
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Re: #TECHNOTIPS: Organic Agriculture
by Felipe Jr Cordero - Saturday, 1 August 2020, 06:27 PM
May I know the e-key please. Thanks
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