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#TECHNOTIPS: Strawberry
by Catheryn Villorente - Monday, 4 May 2020, 09:50 AM
strawberryThe heart and brain are two vital organs of the human body and taking good care of them is very important.⁣⁣
One of the fruits that can help in doing so is strawberry. It contains vitamin C which is a relevant antioxidant molecule in the brain. It can boost blood antioxidant levels that may help reduce the risk of chronic ailments like heart disease. Also, proper intake of this vitamin, whether from food or supplements, has been shown to have a positive effect on thinking and memory as you age.⁣⁣
Make sure to get your daily vitamin C dose. Get 59 milligrams (mg) of it in every 100 grams of strawberries. One cup of strawberry halves, on the other hand, provides 89mg of vitamin C.⁣⁣
Being healthy is the best armor in our battle against COViD-19.⁣⁣
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(By: Julrose Dela Torre, ATI-ISD)
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Re: #TECHNOTIPS: Strawberry
by rose damaso - Sunday, 19 July 2020, 11:46 PM
Hi Catheryn,
I am interested to go into strawberry farming. Would you have any online classes or material that can help me get started?

Thank you!

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Re: #TECHNOTIPS: Strawberry
by Catheryn Villorente - Monday, 27 July 2020, 09:10 AM
Hi Rose! As of this time, we do not have an online course for strawberry but we have sent you the production guide please check your mailbox. Thank you!
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