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by Catheryn Villorente - Tuesday, 29 September 2020, 04:43 PM
lanzones technotipLanzones is one of the popular fruits in the country for its sweet taste that Filipinos enjoy for dessert.

Not only does it taste good, Lanzones also has nutritional benefits which include protein, calcium, fiber, potassium, phosphorus, among others. Its sweet juicy flesh also contains sucrose, saccharose, fructose and glucose.

Lanzones can be grown in many soil types, but it performs better in sandy loam to clay loam soil, well-drained, and rich in organic matter. The tree needs ample amount of water after a couple of dry months to stimulate flowering.
Harvesting is usually done when all the fruits in the cluster or fruits in the tree are fully ripe. The best index to check for the proper maturity and ripeness of lanzones is the color of the fruit stalk. When the color of the fruit stalk changes from green to brown, or when the skin of the fruit turns brownish-yellow, the fruit is considered ripe.

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(By: Jayvee Masilang, ATI-ISD)
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