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by Catheryn Villorente - Monday, 19 October 2020, 04:55 PM
meat technotipsHeading to the market to buy some meat? Make sure it is safe to eat!

When purchasing meat, it is important to use your senses of sight, smell, and touch. It should not have any unusual odor and/or color like greenish or red spots. It should also be firm to the touch. On the other hand, check the packaging for any tears, holes, or excessive amounts of liquid.

In line with the Food Safety Awareness Week on October 27-29, it is imperative to be informed to be safe. The National Meat Inspection Service encourages the public to buy meat from local stores where you can actually see what you are buying.

However, in case of online selling, verify that you are buying from licensed meat suppliers/entities. Bear in mind that meat must be kept in a cooler or insulated container to keep its freshness and avoid spoilage. Chilled meat is cold to the touch, while frozen meat must be rock solid. In case of imported meat, its frozen state must be maintained at all times, until such time that it is cooked.

Visit nmis.gov.ph for public advisories and other information on meat safety.

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(By: Angelica Marie Umali, ATI-ISD)
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