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hog raising
by Jocelyn Gorospe - Tuesday, 26 August 2008, 12:19 PM
is it still profitable to go into hog raising with the increasing cost of feeds?
Re: hog raising
by primalou imperial - Monday, 8 September 2008, 06:12 PM
Hi Ms. Joyce! Your question got me. There seems to be a concerted effort to improve prospects for livestock raisers, particularly those in the swine industry as can be seen in measures to regulate prices of pork and pork products, as well as increase production and supply of raw materials for feeds. However despite these there seems to be a missing link somewhere. As you put it, would it still be good idea to raise hogs amid increasing prices of feeds?

Perhaps it is upon us to find ways to make livestock production more enterprising and profitable. Recently I heard a reputed local veterinarian talk about a "no wash" pig technology that allows farmers to raise pigs without using voluminous water. It involves the use of coco peat (aged or stabilized coconut coir dust) which absorbs undesirable smell; coco peat disintegrates very slowly and its chemical properties make it resistant to bacterial and fungal growth. This is an option in today's world where resources are getting scarce, and it still needs technology verification, being rather new.

Livestock farmers can also make pork more organic or healthy (if there is green chicken, maybe there is also hope for a green pig). We can either spare the poor animals and have less health-risk diets (in which case I may be speaking in favor of the livestock, but not of the livestock sector), or we can go the ITCPH way and be good livestock growers and breeders... perhaps part of our national karmic debt is the way some unscrupulous practitioners raise and butcher our pigs (and there is also the suggestion that we imbibe the "vibratory patterns" of the food that we eat, so we might as well eat humanely raised pigs). We are all collectively responsible for our country, so livestock raisers, butchers, and eaters unite!
marie palacpac-alo
Re: hog raising
by Anna Marie Alo - Tuesday, 23 September 2008, 10:36 PM

our livestock division at pcarrd-dost believes that despite high feed and other input costs, swine production in the philippins remains profitable because of the following factors:

  • farm gate price of hog liveweight has significantly increased from P80-85 to P95-100
  • current commercial strains or genotypes of pigs are better in growth rate (550-560ADG), more efficient feed converters (FCR of less than 3), have better carcass quality(more lean meat), farrow large litters (10 or more pigs per litter), and produce 2-3 more piglets per sow per year compared to 10 years ago

if you are interested to discuss the issue further with our swine specialists, you can also visit the pcarrd messageboard at http://www.pcarrd.dost.gov.ph/message and check out the swine forum.

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Re: hog raising
by Chex Ers - Monday, 2 May 2011, 04:50 PM
yes po my mga murang feeds pdin po na mura na my quality pa...
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Re: hog raising
by joey Pantangco - Tuesday, 24 July 2012, 09:32 AM
what brand of feeds do you recommend?
Re: hog raising
by Marjorie M. Arriola - Monday, 30 July 2012, 09:19 AM
Hello Joey!

That depends on the livestock / animal you are raising. Unfortunately, we do not recommend any brands of feeds. 
It would be better if you consult  your veterinarian regarding this. It is important that proper recommendation is given by experts to your animals. 

Thank you.
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