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The e-Learning for Agriculture and Fisheries is a major component of the Philippine's Department of Agriculture's e-Extension Program, with the Agricultural Training Institute as the lead implementing agency, in collaboration with other government agencies, state universities and colleges and nongovernment organizations.

For your technical queries
CALL 982-2474 (MetroManila)
1800-10-9822474 (other provinces)
or TEXT 0920-9462474 (all networks)
from 8am to 6pm Mondays - Fridays, except holidays.
For general queries, email us at
For e-learning concerns, email us at

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The e-Learning Offices

Organo family in ATI-CAR The e-Extension Office is one of the added functionalities of the DA-ATI Training Centers. It is created to support an efficient implementation of the e-Learning approach under DA’s e-Extension Program for Agriculture and Fisheries. The e-Extension Coordinators shall assist in the administration of the e-learning courses by coordinating the field activities of selected courses and in collaboration with the Farmers' Information Technology Service (FITS) Centers of the different Local Government Units .

The e-Extension Office is equipped with at least two computers, a printer and has broadband Internet connection. Some of the ATI Training Centers have established e-learning lounges for use of e-learners. 

There are 16 ATI Training Centers spread across the country plus the computer laboratory housed at the Agriculture and Fisheries Knowledge Center at the ATI Central Office in Quezon City.

Click on the ATI Center in the map to find the directions in getting there.

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Our Shoutbox

Picture of Felixberto D. Yu TiamcoGood morning, can I have an E key on Citrus Growing: A Promising Enterprise. Thanks and God Bless! FELIXBERTO D. YU TIAMCO
Felixberto D. Yu Tiamco 16 Dec 07:40 PM
Picture of Felixberto D. Yu TiamcoGood morning can i have the e key on Main Content for Goat1. Thanks and God bless! FELIXBERTO D. YU TIAMCO
Felixberto D. Yu Tiamco 16 Dec 07:35 PM
Picture of Beverly Amanda Gothonghi. can i ask for the ekey for the course Good Agricultural Practices for Vegetable Production.. thanks.
Beverly Amanda Gothong 16 Dec 12:19 PM
Picture of Berna AgcaraHi can i request the enrollment key for queen pineapple production
Berna Agcara 16 Dec 12:02 PM
Picture of Dan OlasoThank u
Dan Olaso 16 Dec 06:49 AM
Picture of Dan OlasoGud aftie can i have ekey for citrus growing
Dan Olaso 16 Dec 06:37 AM
Picture of Mary Ann MiralGood Morning, asking an e-key for Insects Away the Alternative Way! thank you
Mary Ann Miral 16 Dec 03:25 AM
Picture of Dina Rose J. GaurinoE-key for Queen Pineapple Production please. thank you
Dina Rose J. Gaurino 15 Dec 11:16 PM
Picture of Sheena Mae  V. Singcogood evening
Sheena Mae V. Singco 15 Dec 02:49 PM
Picture of Sheena Mae  V. Singcogood evening
Sheena Mae V. Singco 15 Dec 02:49 PM
Picture of Robert DiñoGood eve can i have ekey for Production of high value crops in green house.
Thank yoy

Robert Diño 15 Dec 02:00 PM
Picture of Lyka L. Reatiranmay i please ask an e-key for Queen Pineapple Production.. Thak you
Lyka L. Reatiran 15 Dec 10:57 AM
Picture of Catheryn VillorenteHi All! Kindly check your mailbox for our reply on your request. Thank you!
Catheryn Villorente 15 Dec 08:38 AM
Picture of Judy Ann CabañogGood afternoon sir. Can i have an e key for Mokusaku: Wood Vinegar Production. Thank you po!!
Judy Ann Cabañog 15 Dec 08:17 AM
Picture of Robert DiñoGood afternoon can i have e key for Basic Urban Gardening. Thank yoy
Robert Diño 15 Dec 08:11 AM
Picture of Maricel EspinocillaHello po..can i ask an E-KEY para sa walang aray sa AI course? Thank you.
Maricel Espinocilla 15 Dec 07:20 AM
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