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The e-Learning for Agriculture and Fisheries is a major component of the Philippine's Department of Agriculture's e-Extension Program, with the Agricultural Training Institute as the lead implementing agency, in collaboration with other government agencies, state universities and colleges and nongovernment organizations.

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For general queries, email us at
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Frequently Asked Questions

Last Update: 2016/07/17

About the Certificates

Login Issues

Registration and enrollment

General Site Queries

About the Certificates

How come I don't see a link to the certificate or course feedback?

That particular course was developed together with a partner agency/institution. Their signatures are not yet available.

How come the name appearing in my certificate is just my nickname (or alias, or pen name)?

The name that appears in the certificate is system generated according to the profile name that you have entered.

Can I request for a change in how my name appears after I retrieve my certificate?

Yes though there is some waiting time. You can send your request to In the meantime, update your name in your profile section so that the name generated for your succeeding certificates would be as how you want them. We have posted instructions to use the name that you would want to appear on your certificate, including caps and lower case.

I printed the certificate in black and white, can I print it again in color?

Yes. It is really up to you. You can have multiple copies of that certificate but it is still regarded as one. There is a unique security code for each certificate generated

I lost a copy (soft or hard copy) of my certificate. Can I get another copy?

Yes. Just log back in to that particular course and click the link to your certificate to download and save.

Login Issues

I just created an account but when I login I get the invalid username and password error. What's wrong?

Passwords are case sensitive; caps maybe locked.

I forgot my password. How can I login again?

Please click on the "Yes, help me login" button or contact to request for a new password.

Registration and enrollment

How much to enroll in a course?

All our online courses are free.

Can I enroll in any of the ATI-Centers or any internet cafes?

Yes you can! Location is not a problem as long as there's internet connection.

When is the best time to enroll? Can I enroll even at night?

The best time to enroll is during office hours, 8AM - 5PM, Monday to Friday. This is the time when you receive the enrollment key for each course. You may ask for the enrollment key even at night but the enrollment key will be sent to you the next office hour.

Who are qualified to enroll in any of the courses? What are the qualifications of an enrollee?

The only requirement for our certificate courses is that you should be a Filipino -- residing in the Philippines or an overseas contract worker.

I have registered in the site, how come I still cannot access the course? What is that required "enrollment key"?

Registering in the e-learning site gives you the privilege to post in the forums and participate in the online discussions, as well as download our digital resources that are reserved for registered users only. You still need to enroll in the course you want. At enrollment, request for the "enrollment key" for that particular course. The "enrollment key" is one of the methods that we use to group legitimate users who can take the course.

Are there courses available for non-Filipinos?

Currently, all our full online courses are exclusive to Filipinos because of the courses' local recommendations. There will be courses available for non-Filipinos soon. All our digital resources though, are open to everybody.

Can I enroll in two or more courses at the same time?

No, we recommend one course at a time so you can focus and complete the requirements of the course. This is to avoid inconsistencies too with our enrollment vis-a-vis completion data. Should you prefer to enroll in a new course without completing the requirements of the course you are first enrolled in, please send us a request with your reason.

I am an expat living in the Philippines, can I take the courses?

Yes but only for "rolling courses" -- courses that have finished the test run. You shall be advised when you make your inquiry.

Do I need to be a good computer operator to be enrolled?

Our online courses do not require complex or advanced computer skills. As long as you are able to move and click the mouse, then you are on your way to experience e-learning.

I am a Filipino living abroad, can I take the courses?

All our full online courses are focused on some local recommendation, so they may not be applicable in your particular locality. There will be courses with more general recommendations soon. All our digital resources though, are open to everybody.

I have failed in the course. Is it possible to repeat the course so I can get a certificate.

You can request to repeat the course by sending email to

General Site Queries

Who are the site's support team now?

Our resident agents on standby for e-learning support include Emerson Deñado, Ladylynn R. Jose and Catheryn Villorente.

Where can I find the author for a particular course?

From the main menu, click COURSES. Then click the 'i' icon at the far right of each course in the list.

Can I meet the expert/s personally?

Yes you can. You can contact the expert directly from the information that he/she provided or you can ask your nearest ATI Regional Center to facilitate and arrange for the meeting depending on the expert's availability.

How much are the Technokits?

The Technokits, the high resolution version of those in our digital resources section, are at Php100 each excluding courier fees. We don't have online purchasing in place yet but please call 02 9822474 local 258 for your inquiries, or call the Farmers' Contact Center.

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Picture of Jester Paulo TaglePahingi naman po ng key ng ABCs pig production . Salamat po :D
Jester Paulo Tagle 22 Jan 03:06 PM
Picture of wayne  corverapahingi po ng e key po sa banana1
wayne corvera 22 Jan 12:24 PM
Picture of Harold Dave SorianoPahingi po ng code sa vermicomposting
Harold Dave Soriano 22 Jan 11:18 AM
not aloneHi all. Pakicheck na lang ng inyong message box para sa response sa inyong requests sa Our Shoutbox. Maraming Salamat and Happy e-learning!
Emerson Deñado 22 Jan 08:08 AM
Picture of CORAZON T.  DARVINGood day Po! hinge po sana ako ng enrollment key for "Organic Fertilizer for Sustainable Agriculture" maraming salamat po!.

Picture of Jeffernanth AdoptantePahingi po ng key sa ABCs pig production.salamat po
Jeffernanth Adoptante 22 Jan 03:21 AM
Picture of Sharon SolomonHi.can I have an e key for basic agricultural marketing extension.thank you.
Sharon Solomon 22 Jan 02:48 AM
Picture of MA. ANDREA ANTONETTE S. ROBLEDOgandang umaga sir. pahingi nga po ng ekey for mokusako...ty po

Picture of RYAN P. GIGANTOGood afternoon po... pahingi po nh key for Changing Peoples Lives Through Effective Extention Delivery

Thank you..

RYAN P. GIGANTO 21 Jan 09:10 AM
Picture of Darwin GarbelesHi i would like to ask for enrollment key on Turning Trash to Cash: Vermicomposting (VERMI1.2). thank you very much. :D
Darwin Garbeles 21 Jan 07:14 AM
Picture of Jewel Jovengood afternoon may I request a code for good agricultural practices for vegetable production. Thank you..
Jewel Joven 21 Jan 06:15 AM
Picture of Jenny Rose CanjaPahingi Po ng ekey for cultural management for soybean

Jenny Rose Canja 21 Jan 04:00 AM
Picture of LAILA G. CAROLINOGood morning pwde po humingi ng key for basic urban gardening .. salamt
Picture of Robert Paolo P. MencheroPahingi po ng ekey for ABCs pig production.thanks po
Robert Paolo P. Menchero 20 Jan 03:00 PM
Picture of Myra Baraquiapahingi po ng key
Myra Baraquia 20 Jan 11:13 AM
Picture of Elizabeth DellomasGood day po pwede po bang humingi ng key sa Basic Urban Gardening (URBAN1)
Elizabeth Dellomas 20 Jan 04:19 AM
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