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The e-Learning for Agriculture and Fisheries is a major component of the Philippine's Department of Agriculture's e-Extension Program, with the Agricultural Training Institute as the lead implementing agency, in collaboration with other government agencies, state universities and colleges and nongovernment organizations.

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Our servers are located in the Philippines and are maintained by Bitstop Networking Services. All the online resources and e-learning courses are managed and administered by the Agricultural Training Institute.

Our partners in courseware development include:


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Our Shoutbox

Picture of Kerth Jay O. AlunanHi ma'am/sir, good morning. Can I have an e-key for Changing People's Lives Through Effective Extension Delivery? Thank you.
Kerth Jay O. Alunan 18 Oct 12:58 AM
Picture of Leonarlyn M. Belmorohai maam.. :) can I have a seaweed farming key? and for coffee production kit. thank you ..
Leonarlyn M. Belmoro 17 Oct 01:11 PM
Picture of Larcy Manacobgood day sir/maam; can i request another ekey for Citrus growing: A promising enterprise? i have already done my first course i take. Thank you very much.
Larcy Manacob 17 Oct 07:52 AM
Picture of Janeth WongAppreciate if you can provide the enrollment key for Organic Fertilizer for Sustainable Agriculture. Thank you.
Janeth Wong 17 Oct 06:58 AM
Picture of Francis Galitfollow up for e-key
Francis Galit 17 Oct 05:45 AM
Picture of Angelica L. Olayvarcan i ask for an enrollment key for basic urban gardening thank you maaam. god bless!
Angelica L. Olayvar 17 Oct 04:20 AM
Picture of Janelyn A. TangilasHi Good Morning ..can i have the enrollment key for GOOD AGRICULTURAL PRACTICES FOR VEGETABLE PRODUCTION.,THANKS
Janelyn A. Tangilas 17 Oct 03:38 AM
Picture of Maria Jollie Rose Anne C. AbastasGood day Sir/maam, can I ask for E-key on Livestock and Poultry. Thank You.
Maria Jollie Rose Anne C. Abastas 16 Oct 11:59 PM
Picture of Mark Peterneil E. Mariano Ask lang kuh f unsa ang enrollment key SA seaweed farming..? Salamat

Mark Peterneil E. Mariano 16 Oct 09:05 AM
Picture of Ailyn M. Gumayaogood afternoon!pwede po pahingi ng enrollment key ng SEAWEED FARMING????
Ailyn M. Gumayao 16 Oct 08:57 AM
Picture of GIMMA FARILLONRequest for E-Key on Good agricultural practices for vegetable production. Thank you.
Gimma Farillon

Picture of Rochelle Villola Sorianogood day. pahingi po ako ng e-key for org fertilizer for sustainable agriculture. ty

Rochelle Villola Soriano 16 Oct 08:45 AM
Picture of Ian Kim T. Palersir pano vha mag take nag exam online?

Ian Kim T. Paler 16 Oct 06:35 AM
Picture of Jennefer S. CastroGood day can I have an e Key of SEAWEED FARMING.
Jennefer S. Castro 16 Oct 02:39 AM
Picture of Clarisse Jane D. MayoGood morning Sir/maam . Can I request for the E-key of the Basic Agricultural Marketing Extension. Thankyou n' Advance. Godbless.
Clarisse Jane D. Mayo 16 Oct 01:44 AM
Picture of Romelyn C. VillanuevaGood Day po can I have an e Key of the SEAWEED FARMIMG
Romelyn C. Villanueva 16 Oct 01:39 AM
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