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#TECHNOTIPS: Lowland Rice
by Catheryn Villorente - Tuesday, 23 March 2021, 03:26 PM
Lowland riceDid you know that lowland rice is typically grown in paddies that are continuously flooded for up to seven to 10 days before harvest?

The continuous flooding helps ensure sufficient water and controls weed growth. Hence, lowland rice requires a lot of water. On average, it takes 1,432 liters of water to produce 1 kg of rice in an irrigated lowland production system.

However, water for agriculture is continuously becoming scarce around the world, making rice extremely sensitive to water shortages. To effectively and efficiently use water and maximize rice yields, good water management practices can be done through field channel construction, land preparation and hard pan development, field levelling, and paddy construction and crack or hole repair.

In addition, water-saving technologies such as the alternate wetting and drying and dry-direct seeding can be applied in case of water scarcity. Know more about rice water management by visiting http://www.knowledgebank.irri.org/.

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(By: Angelica Marie Unali, ATI-ISD)
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