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Cheers for a more prosperous New Year ahead!
by JoseRey Alo - Monday, 5 January 2009, 11:01 AM

Greetings of good fortune to all e-learners and our courseware developers. Cheers to the first work-day of 2009 ! And as you continue to surf along the site and continue with your lessons, you may notice some intermittent but very brief interruptions specially with how the pages look like. The core of your lessons however shall not be disturbed. Over the next couple of weeks, we shall be making some changes in the overall look and user interface of our site. New pages will be coming in too to include more of the information you have requested. For those of you who have not received their certificates yet, just wait a little while because that too has been overhauled . We shall be posting a preview of the certificate too plus a general tour of how our lessons look like. Very soon too, we shall be implementing a full and more efficient text support. And don't forget, we have at least 20 full courses coming up this first quarter! So watch out and continue to login.

To all our partners, courseware developers and cooperators who have been with us in this maiden year of the e-learning for agriculture and fisheries, big thanks to you and more smileys  to come. Happy new year, happy e-learning!!!

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